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  • North Carolina IP Section Annual Meeting

    I am pleased to be speaking at the 2012 North Carolina Bar Association Intellectual Property Law Section Annual Meeting on March 23, 2012.  My session is titled “Who Owns the Intellectual Property?”  I’ll be covering developing law surrounding the ownership of patent, copyright and trademark rights (what else?). Details here.  Hope to see you there. […] Continue reading

  • Who Owns Facebook?

    It’s old news now that a gentleman named Paul Ceglia claims to own 84% of Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook web site.  Ceglia coughed up a contract that purports to pay Zuckerberg $1000 to write code for a project Ceglia called StreetFax and also to pay Zuckerberg $1000 towards the development of “The Face Book” in exchange […] Continue reading

  • But Wait – Meet WHICH Bloggers?

    While I can’t claim attendance at all the Meet the Bloggers events, I do claim attendance at the very first one (okay, I’m not in the picture – I must have been getting another cold one. I was there, really I was). I haven’t yet gotten my official invitation to participate as a blogger at […] Continue reading

  • Shares of Curlin

    It’s not intellectual property, but it is intangible property, a court case and lawyers. ESPN reports that a judge has rejected the sale of a 20% interest in the Horse of the Year Curlin for $4 million. The 20% share is owned by disbarred attorneys who need to raise money to pay former phen-fen clients. […] Continue reading