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  • Faithless Servant Indeed

    Asociación de Industriales de Puerto Rico v. MarketNext, Inc. is a classic trademark ownership dispute. The plaintiff, Asociación de Industriales de Puerto Rico (AIPR), also known as the Puerto Rico Manufacturer’s Association, is a trade association representing businesses in the manufacturing and service sectors in Puerto Rico. It was commonly referred to as “los Industriales”… Continue reading

  • If a Web Site Falls In The Woods, Is It In Use?

    John Welch pointed me to a curious new site – “” According to the home page, is a new website that connects registered trademark sellers and buyers. Many industry professionals view trademarks as a unique kind of intellectual property (IP), quite different from either patents or copyrights. As as a result we have created… Continue reading

  • ConsumerInfo Owns the Mark, Inc. v. Money Management Intl, Inc. is a short opinion with two of the rarer trademark ownership issues – whether the registrant is the true owner of the mark, and the quantum of use necessary to establish a date of first use of a mark. Unfortunately, the decision doesn’t contribute a lot to the… Continue reading