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Moose Tracks

  • Rhymes with Orange

    Some of you may recall I did some posts about “Moose Tracks” ice cream, a registered trademark but a generic flavor name in my book.  So I couldn’t resist posting today’s comic from one of my favorite cartoonists, Hilary Price and Rhymes with Orange: The text of this work is licensed under a Creative Commons […] Continue reading

  • Licensing, Naked or Clothed

    In the Moose Tracks ice cream post, I mentioned that it didn’t look like a naked license situation because Denali was doing everything necessary to defeat a claim of naked licensing. Nevertheless, there was some suggestion in the survey that consumers didn’t associate the “Moose Tracks” flavor with any particular source, i.e., that they thought […] Continue reading

  • And the Survey Says —

    I had a great response to my survey; my thanks to everyone who participated and to those who drove traffic to the survey, particularly Marty at The Trademark Blog and John at The TTABlog. Here’s a link to the original post and here’s a pdf version of the blank survey questions, in case you missed […] Continue reading

  • “I’ll be a Monkey’s Uncle” Genericism Survey

    I read a case recently that made me wonder whether my personal reaction about the genericism of a phrase was right or wrong, so I decided I’d see what others think. I prepared a Teflon-type survey on SurveyMonkey for you to take; send your friends to take it too. It should take you no more […] Continue reading