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  • It’s the Little Things

    There’s a pretty interesting older decision about ownership of the “MG” (as in cars) trademark that serves up some good drafting lessons. The story starts with the failure of the MG Rover Group, owner of the “MG” mark. The Nanjing Automobile (Group) Corporation (“NAC China”) bought the MG brand, but a man named William Riley… Continue reading

  • The Real MG Stands Up

    The IP Finance blog has risen to the occasion, updating us on the dispute over ownership of the “MG” trademark. It has been resolved, for the moment, in favor of Nanjing Automobile Corporation.  Nanjing has worldwide rights to the MG mark and the English company that claimed to own it was ordered to change its… Continue reading

  • Will the Real MG Please Stand Up

    The IP Finance blog has an excellent post on pitfalls in the sale of trademarks out of bankruptcy. The whole article is useful (and good advice on both sides of the Atlantic), but the most interesting part is the story of how the family of MG marks was split, so that one mark went to… Continue reading