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    The Tale, Part II

    by  • March 18, 2013 • trademark • 0 Comments

    DeliverMed Holdings LLC v. Schaltenbrand is a dispute about a failed business involving the tagline “Right at Home, the trademark “DeliverMed,” and a “mortar and pestle” logo: In the last post we covered the court’s opinion, after a bench trial, on the ownership and infringement of the copyright in the logo. Score one for...

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    There Has to Be Confusion

    by  • June 7, 2011 • copyright, trademark

    Plaintiff DeliverMed transferred its marks for pharmaceutical delivery – “DeliverMed,” “Right at Home” and this logo to defendant Medicate Pharmacy as part of a joint business venture.  The venture failed, but Medicate Pharmacy continued to use the marks to promote its own business, enclosing a card bearing the marks with every prescription and using...

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