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The TTAB Comes to Boston

John Welch has done his usual stellar job of convincing the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board to come to Boston to conduct a hearing.  Sponsored by the Trademark Committee of the Boston Patent Law Association, the Board will sit at the Northeastern University School of Law on April 29th in the afternoon.  The case is an appeal on the genericism of PAVEWAY for laser guided bombs, Lockheed Martin Corp. v. Raytheon Co., Opposition No. 91167189. More information on the event is here and registration is here.

And I am thrilled to be asked to speak on trademark ownership issues.  Thrilled and a little nervous.  I plan on surveying how the TTAB has dealt with competing claims of ownership to the same mark, with perhaps a few district court cases thrown in.  I’m a little nervous because sometimes I haven’t been so charitable in my comments on the decisionmaking.  Sure, it’s easy to sit on your couch with just your computer to judge you and loftily pontificate on how it should have gone, but now I have to look the judges in the eye and talk about it.  (I should have taken more lessons from John on that discretion/valor thing.)

So I’ll start right now.  Mea culpa.  Come on April 29th and you’ll probably hear some more.  Hope to see you there.

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