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Bratz Post-Verdict Spinning

You may have seen that there’s some dispute in the Mattel v. MGA case over the amount of the verdict. Mattel claims it’s $100 million and MGA claims it’s either $20 million or $40 million, saying some of the awards in the verdict form are duplicative. I put the verdict form here, so you can see for yourself. I’m at a loss for how MGA might think the award was $20 million, although I can see how it can make an argument for $40 million.

But apparently when Juror 7 heard MGA claiming $40 million she was shocked and emailed the court to confirm that the verdict was meant to be $100 million. Here’s more of the story in a document Mattel filed with the court, asking that it recall the jurors to confirm the correctness of the verdict.

Read this document on Scribd: Bratz Statement on verdict amount

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