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Ownership of Music in Snow White

The Los Angeles Intellectual Property Trademark Attorney Blog reports here that there is an ownership dispute over the music in a 1987 live-action version of Snow White. The blog reports:

MGM asserts that defendant, Arik Rudich, is an individual now residing in Israel, who composed certain music and/or songs included in the picture, which picture MGM’s predecessor distributed to the home video market beginning in 1988 and MGM has continued such distribution. The complaint alleges that almost twenty years after the picture’s first distribution, Rudich’s counsel sent a cease and desist letter to MGM accusing it of copyright infringement in music and demanding payment of publishing royalties. On May 9, 2008, defendant or his counsel issued a press release repeating claims against MGM and referencing another lawsuit filed against MGM by the same counsel. On June 5, 2008, defendant’s counsel once against sent a letter to MGM threatening a lawsuit if a response was not received. Thus, MGM filed the declaratory judgment lawsuit . . . .

IMDb gives Mr. Rudich credit for original music and interestingly also says that the movie was filmed in Israel. How will ownership plays out; will it be as determined under the laws of Israel?

Justia docket for the declaratory judgment in the Central District of California here. Mr. Rudich has also filed a case against MGM in the Western District of Wisconsin, second-filer in what one would assume is the matching infringement suit. Justia docket here.

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